Shuffles Studio of Dance

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Music cuts to practice at home!

Following Direction With Exercise! (left & rights)

As you all know, we currently cannot all attend classes. When reviewing or playing  back the Facebook "live" video's, sometimes it mutes the music for copyright purposes. We have found a way around that to get your music into your homes to practice ;) Just click on your class and your music cut should play!

2-3 year old tap (Miss Mimi)

2-3 year old ballet (Miss Mimi)

3-4 year old tap (Miss Shasta)

3-4 year old ballet (Miss Mimi)

5-6 year old tap first (Miss Mimi)

5-6 year old ballet second (Miss Shasta)

5-6 year old ballet first (Miss Shasta)

5-6 year old tap second (Miss Mimi)

7- 8 year old tap (Miss Mimi)

7 -8 year old jazz (Miss Mimi)

7-8 year old ballet (Miss Alissa)

9-10 year old tap (Miss Mimi)

9-10 year old jazz (Miss Mimi)

9-10 year old ballet (Miss Alissa)

11-14 year old tap first (Miss Shasta)

11-14 year old jazz second (Miss Mimi)

11-14 year old jazz first (Miss Mimi)

11-14 year old tap second (Miss Shasta)

11-14 year old Ballet (Miss Alissa & Miss Shasta)

15-18 year old tap

15-18 year old jazz

15-18 year old ballet


6-7 year old hip hop (Miss Shasta)

8-9 year old hip hop (Miss Alissa)

10-14 year old hip hop (Miss Mimi)

10-14 year old hip hop (Miss Shasta)

15-18 year old hip hop