Shuffles Studio of Dance

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Costumes have arrived. They are being handed out this week as long as your dance account is at a -0- or negative balance. 

Please note, our billing program sometimes does not send out statements that are at a -0- or negative balance because nothing is due!

If your dancer doesn't receive their costume, you need to contact us about billing.

Costume description sheets (click to download):

(We are still waiting on some costume description sheets, if it isn't underlined to download, it will be soon!

2-3 yr old tap & ballet (boys & girls)

3-4 yr old tap & ballet

5 yr old tap & ballet (boys & girls)

6 yr old tap & ballet

6-8 yr old Hip Hop

7-8 yr old tap, ballet & jazz

9-10 yr old tap, ballet & jazz

9-10 yr old Hip Hop (boys & girls)

11-14 yr old Hip Hop

11-14 yr old lyrical & contemporary

11-14 yr old tap & jazz

11-18 yr old ballet & Maxx Ballet

15-18 yr old tap & Maxx Tap

15-18 yr old jazz & Maxx Jazz

Maxx Hip Hop

Maxx Lyrical

Maxx Contemporary

Middle Maxx Tap

Middle Maxx Jazz

Mini Maxx Tap

Mini Maxx Jazz

Mini Maxx Ballet

Mini Maxx Hip Hop

"The Great Outdoors"
downloadable show programs!

Would you like to follow along in the show or just aren't quite sure what class your dancer is in? Click below to download and or print off show programs for friends and family!

Show #1 starting at 11am

Show #2 starting at 1pm

Show #3 starting at 3pm

Show #4 starting at 5pm

PARENTS!!! Here's a helpful sheet of what dancers are in what shows! Download this and print it to make your life easier ;)

click here to see who's in what show

Dance Pictures

Dance Pictures are Saturday, Jan. 9th at the studio! We are super-excited to see Matt and Kassie from Total Image Photography!

Please remember to show up at least 10 min before your scheduled time in your costume, as we usually run early!

If your dancer is in a combo class (ie: 3-4 tap & ballet, 7-8 tap, bellet & jazz, etc) we only take a picture for one class since costumes are the same for the dances ;)

Please click below to download picture day schedule and pricing sheet!

click here to download picture schedule

click here to download picture pricing sheet

Recital T-Shirts

Recital t-shirts are optional, but look really cool when we all wear them for finale! If you would like a shirt for your dancer and/ or yourself, please fill out the form below and turn in by picture day on Jan. 9th! We cannot order shirts after that. Please only one form per shirt.

click here to download recital shirt order form

Fall Show 2020, "The Great Outdoors" is almost here!

It's been another CRAZY session, but we're almost there! With everything being CRAZY, of course we will be having a crazy recital! Here's some information to pass along to your friends and family!

Shows are going to be in the Hog Barn behind Doc's Harley Davidson on Saturday, Jan. 23rd

Because we can only seat 100 people, there is going to be 4 different shows! Show and start times are as follows:

Show #1      11am

Show #2       1pm

Show #3        3pm

Show #4        5pm

Your dancer can be in any of the shows, some in multiple shows, please see "The Great Outdoors" downloadable programs" at the top of the page!

Seating is general, doors will only be open 30 min before the show begins.


Well, we know this isn't ideal, but, we are grateful to have a venue to let us perform in! Due to current state mandates and fire codes, we can only have approximately 100 people in the audience at a time (hence, 4 shows!)

Tickets will be available to purchase at dress rehearsals. They will be in a set envelope with your dancers name on it, so you will be guaranteed your ticket allotment listed below. To keep all of this simple, we are keeping prices at $10 a ticket (no child pricing at this show, sorry :( ) You do not need a ticket for your dancer. There are no refunds on tickets. 

Please remember, that some people use all of their tickets, some people don't, so if you need more tickets, you can easily trade with others or opt out of your full ticket purchase so they can be sold to other families. Below is just a guideline to make this all work, but we will try our hardest to get your guests in! Again, we appreciate you working with us on this!

If your dancer is only in one show, you will have 6 tickets available for you to purchase. (This is all of the 2-6 year old tap and ballet classes along with most hip hop classes).

If your dancer is in more than one show, you have 2 tickets per show waiting for you. (This is all combo classes 7+ and Maxx dancers)

"The Great Outdoors" DVD's 

Jon, from Pure Milk Productions will be videoing the shows!

Again, this isn't ideal, but we're grateful for Jon to be working through this with us! 

Because we are doing 4 shows, we will run over DVD time allotment, so it is going to be a DVD set, meaning, you will get all 4 of the shows, but also meaning price is going to be a little higher . Again, this is just temporary as we work around mandates and closures. Thank you for being so flexible and working with us on all of this to make this a memorable day for your dancers!

The DVD box set will be $35 and you'll be able to purchase them the week of dress rehearsal (Jan. 18-21 from 5pm - 7:30 pm) and the day of the shows! See "calendar" tab for dress rehearsal days and times.

Flowers  for your dancer!

The day of the show, there will be a table set up for the option to purchase flowers for your dancers! This is a fundraiser for the Shuffles Performance Team and ALL proceeds go to their non-profit organization!