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Some of these items are available at the studio for immediate purchase, some need to be ordered. Please note that if something needs to be ordered, payment must be received at time of order. Be sure to check the store for new arrivals!  

 Shuffles has a dancewear section in the building. We carry the basics of what your dancer may need for class.

New policies in effect for dance wear store:

-due to quality control, we will only buy-back our name brand tap, ballet & jazz (Bellera) so please plan accordingly.

-if shoes are ordered and you decide to cancel that order or you don't want them, there is a $5 restock/ return fee, even if shoes are on backorder. 

All dancers need tan tights & potentially black cami leotards for before recital time (except the boys!) 

Below are pictures & prices of the basics!

Tan Convertible tights

(all classes)

Kids sizes $11.95 + tx

Adult Sizes $12.95 + tx

Ballet Pink Convertible Tights

(9-10, 11-14 and 15-18 ballet classes)

Kids sizes $11.95 + tx

Adult sizes $12.95 + tx

Black Camisole leotards

(11-14 & 15-18 ballet classes & may be required or optional for other classes. More details are given when costumes are announced)

Kids sizes $19.95 +tx

Adult sizes $24.95 + tx

Full-sole, pink, leather Ballet shoes

ages 2-10

$14.95 + tx

Split-sole, pink, leather ballet shoes

ages 11-18

$17.95 + tx

Full-sole, tan, tap shoes

ages 2-10


Full-sole, tan, slip-on tap shoes

ages 11-14


Black ones are needed for ages 11-18



Split-sole, black, slip-on jazz shoes

ages 7-18


paws (optional for lyrical & contemp)

ages 11-18


All hip hop classes need these. We only carry used ones in our store. They are available at Kohl's, JC Penney's & Payless (on-line).

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