Shuffles Studio of Dance

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Performance Team Tryouts will be Tuesdays, August 25th. 5:30 to whenever we're done! See you all there!

Tentative Performance Team Schedule for Fall 2020

Mini Maxx Ballet              Mondays         6:45-7:30

Maxx Jazz                       Mondays         7:45-8:30

Maxx Tap                          Mondays        8:30-9:15

Middle Maxx Hip Hop       Tuesdays        7-7:45

Maxx Hip Hop                 Wednesdays    6:45-7:30

Maxx Contemporary       Thursdays        5:30-6:15

Middle Maxx Jazz           Thursdays        7:15-8

Middle Maxx Tap             Thursdays       8-8:45

Middle Maxx and Maxx ballet classes will coincide with rec. ballet classes.

Possible lyrical group will be considered.

What is SPT, Inc?

Shuffles Performance Team, Incorporated is our non-profit competitive traveling group!  

It is open to ages 7-18 that have had at least 2 years of dance experience! It requires an audition and a 2-session commitment (Fall & Spring session).

Why is a non-profit so important?

Dance is expensive, so a non-profit opens up more opportunities for fundraisers, grants & donations! Some things we currently do that are an easy way to earn money to help with expenses:

-sell business ads for recital programs
-vendor & craft fair in December
- sell Ollie's Flower Cards
-sell beverages at the Iola Car Show
-food & beverage booth at Lambeau Field!!!

Where does the team perform?

Venues & places change from year-to-year, but a few places we have performed at are:

-Wausau, Appleton, Green Bay, Madison, Chicago, Minneapolis dance competitions

-Taste of Shawano

-area nursing homes

-area fundraisers

-Six Flags, Great America

-option to dance in New York!!!

When are auditions?

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020. Start at 5:30.

Just because you audition, doesn't mean you have to accept the invitation to join the's always good to audition for EVERYTHING & then decide exactly what you would like to do. Audition experience will ALWAYS help your dancer out down the road!

We will have a parent/ dancer informational meeting scheduled at a later date to go over costs, potential competition dates, fundraisers, etc.

Yearly Requirements


-if you're competing in Mini Maxx Ballet & Hip Hop, you have met the minimum requirement for Fall Session. You will just need to take rec. ballet & hip hop during the Spring session.  We would like you to take a tumbling class.

-if you are only taking Mini Maxx Ballet, you need to take an additional rec. class during the Fall Session.

-if you are only in Mini Maxx Hip Hop, you need to take an additional rec. hip hop class or 1 of the tumbling classes


-if you are in Middle Maxx or Maxx  jazz, ballet or lyrical, you must be enrolled in a ballet class both sessions.

-if you are only in Middle Maxx or Maxx Hip Hop , you must take and additional rec. hip hop or  or 1 of the tumbling classes.

-if you are only in Middle Maxx or Maxx tap, you must take an additonal rec. tap class